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Super High Performance 6ft Antennas

Super High Performance 6ft Antennas

RadioWaves offers SHP parabolic antennas which are designed with ETSI Class 3 radiation pattern performance, offering versatility across various applications.


SHP Antennas Decrease Interference and Ensure Superior Signal Quality for Your Network

Wide Frequency Range

RadioWaves’ SHP antennas support a wide frequency range, making them versatile for use across various applications.

ETSI Class 3

ETSI Class 3 radiation pattern tailored for tight sidelobe control and better than 63 dB front-to-back signals.

Exceptional Front-to-Back Ratio

Mitigates interference, promoting improved signal quality and network reliability.

Super High Performance 6ft Antennas Features

High-Performance Radomes

Equipped with high-performance radomes, our antennas offer weather resistance, ensuring the longevity and durability of your antenna.

High Gain

Our antennas are designed with high gain that not only guarantees superior signal quality but also ensures consistent and reliable network performance even in environments with high-traffic Wi-Fi 6e.

Simple Assembly

The simple assembly feature of our antennas facilitates easy installation, saving you time and effort.

"Set and Forget" Design

Our antennas come with a "set and forget" design, a feature that minimizes post-installation maintenance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your network's performance and reliability.

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