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0.6 m | 2 ft High Performance Professional Line Parabolic Reflector Antenna, Single-polarized, 10.7 - 11.7 GHz

HPPro2-11, HPPro2-11RS

The HP Pro Series by RadioWaves offers a full line of high performance parabolic antennas engineered to provide ETSI class 3 radiation pattern performance as well as excellent gain within a newly designed lightweight and rugged structure.  Fully pre-assembled antennas and a strong and durable attachment ensures “set and forget” installation with minimal post-installation maintenance.  If it’s rugged, it must be RadioWaves!


O High Performance ETSI Class 3 Parabolic Antennas – Excellent performance for a wide range of applications
O Fully Preassembled at the Factory – Simplifies installation on site and guarantees “factory-tested” quality
O Warranty – Industry leading 7-year warranty

HP Pro Family Datasheet

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General Specifications

Antenna Type
High Performance Parabolic Reflector Antenna
Size, nominal
2 ft | 0.6 m

Electrical Specifications

Operating Frequency Band
10.7 - 11.7 GHz
Half Power Beamwidth, Horizontal
3.2 degrees
Half Power Beamwidth, Vertical
3.2 degrees
Cross-Polarization Discrimination
30 dB
Front to Back Ratio (F/B)
60 dB
Gain, Low Frequency
34.7 dBi
Gain, Mid Frequency
35 dBi
Gain, High Frequency
35.3 dBi
Return Loss
-14 dB

Mechanical Specifications

Fine Azimuth Adjustment
+/- 10 degrees
Fine Elevation Adjustment
+/- 30 degrees
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Min
2 inch | 5.08 cm
Mounting Pipe Diameter, Max
4.5 inch | 11.4 cm
Net Weight
27 lbs | 12.3 kg
Wind Velocity Operational
130 mph | 209 km/h
Wind Velocity Survival Rating
160 mph | 257 km/h
Mechanical Configuration
Axial Force (FA)
281 lbs | 1249 N
Side Force (FS)
136 lbs | 604 N
Twisting Moment (MT)
281 ft-lbs | 381 Nm
Operating Temperature Range
-40 to +60 C
Max Pressure, PSIG, (if waveguide interface)

Regulatory Compliance

Part 101, Cat B
Industry Canada Compliance
302217 R1 C3

Shipping Information

Package Type
Gross Weight
41 lbs | 18.6 kg
Dimensions, L x W x H
31 x 31 x 25in | 79 x 79 x 64 cm
Shipping Volume
13.9 cu ft | 0.4 cu m

Additional Comments

*Additional OEM interfaces and adapters may be available. Contact RadioWaves for a complete and current list of available adapters.

Technical Drawings

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