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Join Kaelus, along with PolyPhaser, RadioWaves and Transtector at WISPAPalooza.


Infinite Electronics Announces Acquisition of Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Transtector Systems & RadioWaves

Irvine, CA (May 2, 2017) Infinite Electronics, Inc., a supplier of engineering-grade wired and wireless connectivity products, today announces that it has acquired Smiths Interconnect’s Microwave Telecoms business (SMT) from Smiths Group plc, a London based global technology company.


APCO 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017 - Denver, CO
Public Safety and telecommunications exhibition and conference.


RadioWaves Partners with KNS to Develop New Technology

Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD) is a leading producer and processor of private brand organic milk and butter for U.S retailers. As a leading producer, what could possibly be wrong with their communications at the dairies? Cammie Muller, CFO and Ana Rodriguez, Director Program Office, gave us their input on how KNS partnered with RadioWaves to help turn AOD’s lagging communications on the farm into fields of technological opportunity. 


When It's Really Remote t3 Wireless Trusts RadioWaves (Video)

When the location is really remote and rugged, t3 Wireless depends on RadioWaves Antennas to stand up to the elements.  View the helicopter delivery and install location video footage.


Cambium Networks Uses RadioWaves Antenna to Set Wireless Distance Record

Cambium Networks set the world distance record for the longest Wireless Point-to-Point Broadband Link using RadioWaves parabolic dish antennas.  The HD video and audio connection was 245 km (over 152 miles) and was achieved using Cambium radio equipment and RadioWaves standard performance 3 foot antennas on each side of the connection



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