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6ft High Performance Antennas by RadioWaves

6ft High Performance Antennas by RadioWaves

Discover the future of connection with RadioWaves' 6ft high performance antennas, pioneering breakthroughs in antenna engineering. With our antennas, licensed band applications and congested site installations are no longer a hurdle but a smooth sail, ensuring your communication never falters.


Unparalleled Connectivity and Robust Signal Quality with 6ft High Performance Antennas


RadioWaves’ 6ft high performance antennas are available with best-in-class lead times.

Spectrum Rich

Our antennas support a broad range of frequency bands, from 2.4 GHz to 23.6 GHz, accommodating versatile network requirements for a multitude of applications.

Congestion Tamer

Engineered to eliminate interference, these antennas stand their ground, even in the most congested sites, ensuring clean and uninterrupted communication.

6ft High Performance Antenna Features

Direct-Mount Radio Compatibility

Built for modern convenience, these antennas readily support direct-mount radios for licensed frequencies, simplifying installations and configurations.

Interference-Proof Shroud

With a shroud specifically designed to eliminate interference, our antennas are all set to deliver flawless performance round the clock

Weather-Resilient Radome Cover

Featuring a radome cover, these antennas ensure robust and reliable performance even under challenging weather conditions, safeguarding your communication at all times.

Retrofit Ready

Retro fit kits are available for each 6ft. antenna, paving the way for easy upgrades and guaranteeing seamless integration with existing infrastructure.