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3ft Antennas

3ft Antennas

Explore the pinnacle of connectivity with RadioWaves' 3ft antennas, setting new standards in antenna engineering. Our antennas eliminate hurdles in licensed band applications and congested site installations, ensuring seamless communication that never falters.


Unrivaled Connectivity and Robust Signal Quality with 3ft Antennas


RadioWaves’ 3ft antennas are available with best-in-class lead times.

Spectrum Rich

These antennas support frequency bands from 2.4 GHz to 23.6 GHz for diverse network requirements across various applications.

Interference Resistant

Engineered to combat interference for clear and uninterrupted communication even in the most congested environments.

3ft Parabolic Antenna Features

Direct-Mount Radio Compatibility

Designed for seamless integration to streamline installations and configurations.

Weather-Resilient Radome Cover

These antennas guarantee robust performance in any environment.

Retrofit Ready

Retrofit kits facilitate easy upgrades and ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Interference-Proof Shroud

Equipped with a specialized shroud to mitigate interference for consistent and reliable performance.