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0.2 m | 0.75 ft Slimline Sector Antenna, Dual H & V polarized, 3-3.8Ghz (SECD-3.5SL-60-10)

RadioWaves SlimLine Sector Antennas offer excellent performance in a small aesthetic form factor. The robust design ensures cost effective deployments backed by a 7 year warranty. RadioWaves offers the “right” technology for Point to Multipoint applications through attention to detail and design. Engineered with a careful balance of gain, beamwidth and size, the 3.5 GHz Sector Antenna is ideal for applications requiring dense yet unobtrusive wireless deployments.3

SlimLine Sector Antenna Datasheet

• Inconspicuous modern design, ideal for public spaces, commercial, as well as enterprise applications
• Superior RF performance including dual polarization (H and V)
• Robust construction sustains 155 mph survival wind load
• Rugged compact footprint
• Ease of installation-pole and wall mountable
• 7-year warranty
• Designed and assembled in the USA


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RadioWaves Launches New Slimline Sector Antenna Line

Billerica, MA (September 23, 2016) — RadioWaves, a Smiths Microwave brand, announced today the launch of its new SlimLine Sector Antenna Line further expanding its comprehensive portfolio of terrestrial microwave point-to-point and point-to-multipoint antenna solutions.


RadioWaves Partners with KNS to Develop New Technology

Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD) is a leading producer and processor of private brand organic milk and butter for U.S retailers. As a leading producer, what could possibly be wrong with their communications at the dairies? Cammie Muller, CFO and Ana Rodriguez, Director Program Office, gave us their input on how KNS partnered with RadioWaves to help turn AOD’s lagging communications on the farm into fields of technological opportunity.